BigCommerce Guide

Guide to installing Kasssh on your BigCommerce site

The following is a guide to installing Kasssh onto your BigCommerce site. 

There are 3 main steps to install the application which are as follows:

Step 1: Set-up a Kasssh account

A Kasssh account is separate to your BigCommerce store. To do this please visit

Here you will need to add basic information to open an account. Instant access will enable you to access the sandbox environment.

For a live account, Kasssh will contact you to undertake some industry standard compliance checks. On successful completion Kasssh will then activate your account.


Step 2: Create a Store

Once registered you will need to create store. You are able to have multiple stores for different websites

Create at least one store by giving it a name and then clicking “create” button

Step 3: Link your BigCommerce and Kasssh account

There are 2 x “cut and pastes” between the Kasssh’s BigCommerce and your Kasssh account dashboard. 

1. Link Kasssh account to BigCommerce. Here you will need to access your Kasssh account dashboard ( Click “Select Store” or enter a store name and click “create”. From here you will find the keys and store ID.

2. Copy the and paste the “store key live”, “store key test” and “Store ID” from the Kasssh dashboard site to the BigCommerce app and it’s relevant fields.

3. Select your gateway provider from the dropdown menu in Kasssh’s BigCommerce app. Then click save.

3. Link BigCommerce to Kasssh. From BigCommerce app copy the “Kasssh webhook URL” and paste into the Kasssh dashboard “Payment URL” field. 

4. Save by clicking the update button in Kasssh


Step 4: Kasssh button at checkout (modify offline payment)

To add Kasssh at your checkout you will need to modify an offline payment option.

1. Go to your payments page settings>payments> and select “Offline Payment Methods” and “Pay In Store Set-up”

2. Rename “Display Name” to “Kasssh”

3. Cut and paste the following code to “Payment Information”

<div id=”kasssh-payment-instruction”></div>

4. Save


Set-up complete and testing


Your store will now be ready to accept Kasssh payments. 

To run test transactions please make sure Kasssh’s BigCommerce app is not in “Live” setting.

Also make sure that which ever payment gateway you are using is in test mode.

Both Kasssh’s BigCommerce App AND your payment gateway must be in the same setting to operate. This is either both in LIVE or both in Test.

Finally if you want to run a full end to end test you may simulate a cash payment from your Kasssh dashboard under “Accept Cash”. 

Once you have checked out on your store and received the Kasssh email with the barcode on, you can visit this page. Here you will be able to select the barcode, simulate it being scanned and then simulate the instant card payment back to your gateway provider for processing.

This will not work in Live mode. For live testing you will need to visit a PayPoint location and pay with real money.