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Kasssh and Roof Giant Lead the Way with Revolutionary Cash Payment Solution in the Trade Industry

London, 20th November 2023  – In a groundbreaking initiative, Kasssh, the innovative online cash payment solution, and Roof Giant, the foremost online roofing retailer, have joined forces to introduce the first-of-its-kind cash payment option for online roofing solutions in the trade industry. This historic partnership signifies a major leap forward, providing roofing professionals and DIY enthusiasts with a pioneering method to shop for important and essential supplies.

Transforming Traditions, Elevating Transactions:

Kasssh and Roof Giant are reshaping the landscape of the trade industry by unveiling a seamless cash payment option. Roofing professionals and customers can now enjoy the convenience of online shopping while paying for their roofing supplies in cash, combining the ease of digital platforms with the familiarity of traditional payment methods.

Why Kasssh and Roof Giant are Industry Innovators:

1.Pioneering Accessibility:

This collaboration pioneers accessibility in the trade industry. By adopting Kasssh’s cash payment solution, Roof Giant ensures that every roofing professional, contractor, and DIY enthusiast can effortlessly access top-quality roofing materials, regardless of their preferred payment method.

2. Innovative Privacy and Security:

With online security at the forefront, Kasssh and Roof Giant provide customers with a secure and private payment option. By utilising Kasssh’s offline cash payment method, customers can confidently make purchases without compromising their personal or financial information, fostering trust and loyalty in the trade industry.

3. Revolutionary Flexibility:

Kasssh’s extensive network of over 28,000 locations empowers customers to choose where and when to complete their transactions. With more payment locations than all bank branches and Post Offices combined, Roof Giant customers can conveniently pay for their roofing supplies at nearby supermarkets, newsagents, and petrol stations.

A Visionary Step for the Trade and Roofing Industry:

Commenting on this historic collaboration, Paul Allsop expressed their enthusiasm: “At Roof Giant, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our customers. Teaming up with Kasssh allows us to offer a unique and convenient payment solution, setting new standards in the trade industry. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to enhancing the customer experience and embracing innovative solutions.”

Kasssh founder Piero Macari comments “Our collaboration with represents our commitment to enabling access to the digital economy for all. By introducing the first-ever cash payment option for the trade and online roofing solutions in the UK, we are not just simplifying transactions; we are transforming the way professionals and enthusiasts access essential supplies. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to inclusivity, security, and convenience.”

Join the Trade Revolution:

Roof Giant and Kasssh invite roofing professionals, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts to be part of this transformative journey. To explore Roof Giant’s extensive range of roofing supplies and experience the convenience of cash payments through Kasssh, visit and embark on a new era of streamlined transactions in the trade industry.


Kasssh: An innovative payment option that makes online shopping accessible to everyone with cash payments: Buy Online, Pay Offline.    

In a move set to innovate the world of online shopping, Kasssh’s online cash payment solution has exited stealth mode and is now available to all UK ecommerce sites. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of today’s consumers, Kasssh brings the convenience and security of cash payments to the digital sector, making online shopping more accessible than ever before.

With 1 in 7 of all retail payments in the UK made in cash, this is the perfect time for e-commerce websites to embrace this traditional payment method. Kasssh offers customers the flexibility to pay for their online purchases with cash, effortlessly and securely, at nearby supermarkets, petrol stations, or local newsagents.

Kasssh isn’t just a payment option; it’s a gateway to a seamless and inclusive shopping experience. Here’s why it’s a critical checkout option for both retailers and customers:

Expanding the Customer Base:

Kasssh opens doors to a broader customer base, including those who prefer cash transactions and may have previously been excluded from digital shopping. RSA’s 2022 Cash Census study stating 15 million consumers still use cash as a way to budget! Further amplified by today’s cost of living crisis.

Enhanced Trust and Privacy:

Privacy and security are paramount for online shoppers. Kasssh prioritises customer trust by providing a secure and discreet payment option, strengthening the bond between retailers and their clientele. With online fraud at record levels, new ways to protect consumers from exposing their bank details offers peace of mind.

Greater Flexibility:

Kasssh gives customers the flexibility to choose when and where they complete their transactions. With access to 28,000 locations, more than all bank branches and Post Offices combined, consumers can pay easily at their nearest newsagent, supermarket, petrol station and more!


According to a recent report by UK Finance, the number of payments made using physical cash increased by a substantial 7% in 2022 compared to the previous year, totalling an impressive 6.4 billion payments. This is 1.5x the combined UK credit, charge and purchase card market!

Despite the considerable rise in digital payment methods, physical cash remains  the second most popular payment method in the United Kingdom.

Founder, Piero Macari, expressed enthusiasm about the launch: “Kasssh is a differentiator for online retail. By incorporating cash payments, we’re ensuring that more customers have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of online shopping, no matter their payment preference. This initiative aligns perfectly with our mission to make the digital economy accessible to all.”

Kasssh is set to enhance the e-commerce landscape, making online shopping a more inclusive, flexible, and secure experience. For more information on how to integrate Kasssh into your e-commerce platform or to become a partner, please visit

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