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Cash payments for eCommerce.

Kasssh is a fully automated service that allows your customers to pay in cash at over 28,000 locations for their online order. No accounts, no apps and no new back office integrations.




What Is Kasssh?

Pay for your online purchase with cash!


You can order your products and services online in a safe simple and smart way using Kasssh!

With over 28,000 places to pay, you have the freedom to pay with cash at a supermarket, petrol station, local newsagent and many other locations across the UK.

All of this, enabled by Kasssh!

Who uses Kasssh?

There are many different reasons consumers and businesses prefer to use cash. Many of these users can be found in the following groups:


One of the easiest way to manage personal and household finance it to budget in cash

Cash Lovers

Cash is still a preferred method of payment for many, even for those with bank and digital products.


People in society that cannot open, or do not want, to have a bank account.

Fear of online fraud

Shopping online brings potential risk of card fraud. Using cash brings that control back to the user

Anti Big-Brother

Using cash does not appear on your bank statement.

How Kasssh Works

Kasssh’s simple model allow users to pay in cash in 3 simple steps.

1. Select Kasssh at Checkout

Shop online and select Kasssh as your payment method at the checkout.

2. Receive Barcode

Receive a barcode via email directly into your inbox.

3. Scan & deposit

Take the email with the barcode to your nearest PayPoint accepting store.

Kasssh's trusted technologies

Kasssh works with some of the biggest technology companies to make cash payments Safe, Simple, Smart.

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