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With no way of paying with cash online, Kasssh is built to enable
consumers to buy with confidence and control with cash. 


Kasssh is a new service that allows consumers to pay for online purchases with cash!

Kasssh prides itself on its easy to use service and the partnerships we have made to give an alternative way to buying online. Cash is relied upon by many people in society, yet many people find it hard to buy goods and services online without cards. Kasssh changes this and makes buying online as easy as buying a newspaper with real money!



Cash is used by many people in society for many different reasons, there is not just one type of cash user. We want to make sure that people's payment choices are respected and that all consumers can access the benefits of the digital economy. Here is a sample of consumers that use cash today!

No Bank Account

Non Banked

Cash Budgeter

Cash Budgeters

Fear of online fraud

Fear of online fraud

Anti Big Brother

Anti Big Brother

Cash Lover

Cash Lovers


It's literally as simple as 1-2-3:

Kasssh enables eCommerce reatilers to collect cash payments. We operate as a service on behalf of these digital services and partnered with a number of leading companies such as PayPoint and Mastercard to make this all happen in a safe, smart and simple way. 


Checkout with Kasssh where you see this symbol

Receive the barcode via email

Take the email with the barcode to your nearest Kasssh accepting store


How do I find out more ?

Please contact us at info@kasssh.com

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