kasssh enabling payments

Please find the Frequently Asked Questions.



How does it work?

For each online purchase we will generate you a unique Kasssh barcode for payment. This barcode should be taken to one of our nearest partner stores where it will be scanned when you hand over the cash payment. Once confirmed that everything is correct, we will inform the retailer that your payment is received and they will process the transaction.

Where can I pay in my cash?

You may use one our partner stores found here

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Your money is only ever handed and managed by FCA regulated entities. It really is just like buying goods and services in a physical store with cash.

What if I want a refund?

Kasssh can offer a retail cash out process, however, you will need to speak to your retailer about their refunds process.

Do I have to pay cash?

You can pay by other payment types, such as card, if the retailer partner accepts your non-cash payment method. They will all accept cash payments.

When will I receive my goods/purchase?

Paying with Kasssh is the end of the buying process and once paid in, we will notify the retailer who will then proceed with the order. Please note depending on the time of day you pay with Kasssh could impact the delivery window. Please see your Kasssh notification for any important cut off periods.

What if I change my mind after paying?

Once you have handed over your money and you have received the payment confirmation, the transaction cannot be reversed in store. You will need to contact your retailer and ask for the refund process.